Head of the ID&EU
Mr Johann van der Merwe
Mr Johann van der Merwe
Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Civil Engineering
Room: C205
Location: North Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 3309
Fax: 27 41 504 9309
Email: johann.vandermerwe@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: M.Dip.Tech (Civil Eng) (Water)
Expertise: Water Reticulation and Hydraulics

Committee Members
Bongani Mankewu
Mr Bongani Mankewu
Position: Professional Associate
Department:  Mandela Uni Airborne Operations
Location: North Campus
Phone: 076 7777 235
Email: bongani.mankewu@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: MBA & Candidate Doctor of Business Leadership
Expertise: Multidisciplinary Project Execution/Contracts and Project Financing

Ronney Ncwadi
Professor Ronney Ncwadi
Position: Full Professor: Director of the School of Economics, Development studies and Tourism
Department: Economics
Room: Main Building Room-0922
Location: South Campus
Phone: +27 41 504 2205
Email: Ronney.Ncwadi@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD
Expertise: Macroeconomics, Public Finance and Applied Econometrics
My site: /Ronney-Ncwadi

Ms Danai Tembo
Ms Danai Tembo
Position: Lecturer
Department: Development Studies
Room: 1020, 10th Floor, Main Building
Location: South Campus
Phone: 0415042861
Fax: 0415049809
Email: Danai.Tembo@mandela.ac.za

Dalenca Pottas
Prof Dalenca Pottas
Position: Deputy Dean: Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology
Department: Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology
Room: MTLC, R102
Location: North Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 9100
Fax: 27 41 504 9579
Email: Dalenca.Pottas@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: BSc (PU CHE), BSc(Hons) (PU CHE), MSc (RAU), PhD(RAU), MIITPSA
Expertise: Health Informatics

Alan Roberts
Mr Alan Roberts
Position: Principal Lecturer
Department: Electrical Engineering
Room: B01
Location: North Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 3294
Fax: 27 41 504 9294
Email: alan.roberts@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: Pr Tech (Eng), M Dip Tech Elec Eng, NH Dip PSE, SMSAIEE, MIEEE

Mr Sivuyile Mazomba
Position: Lecturer
Department: Civil Engineering
Room: C211
Location: North Campus
Phone: 041 504 3298
Email: sivuyile.mazomba@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: Bsc Hons (Structures)
Expertise: Structures

Dr Oswald Franks
Dr Oswald Franks
Position: Strategic Project Support
Department: Strategic Resource Mobilisation and Advancement
Location: Ocean Sciences Campus
Phone: 082 889 6967
Email: Oswald.Franks@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: Doctorate in Engineering Science (PhD)